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Professionals Center

Welcome to's Health Professionals Center! We appreciate your valuable time in visiting our site. At, we're dedicated to providing people with effective solutions for meeting their weight management goals. Our products and services give users tangible tools for addressing specific problems, so they can stay on the road to success.

As part of our commitment to helping others manage their weight, we have designed our products and services to easily integrate with professional weight management programs like yours. Use our products and services as part of your program to:

  • Give your clients a tangible and powerful ally for their daily use in meeting their long-term weight-loss goals.
  • Receive instant and measurable feedback on the success of each individual patient, even remotely.
  • Become a Preferred Provider in our referral network

SlimSmart Product

SlimSmart is a small, pager-like device that helps users change their eating habits during meals and specifically address one simple problem. That most people who are overweight eat too much too fast. Using silent pager-like vibrations, SlimSmart helps the user to scientifically pace their eating rate and know when to stop eating. When used as part of a recommended weight-reduction program, clinical studies have shown that SlimSmart users lost up to 6 times more weight as those who only had advice about their diet and exercise habits. And because SlimSmart is drug-free, clients can use it long-term with no harmful side effects.

Research shows that people who are naturally slender tend to eat slowly and gradually slow down during the course of their meal, while over-eaters eat faster, don't slow down, or will even speed up at the end. SlimSmart helps people learn new eating habits by monitoring eating patterns and recommending gradual changes. Users wear SlimSmart like a pager during meals, press "Go" to start, and SlimSmart then vibrates to signal when to take a bite and when to stop eating. It then tracks their weight-loss progress to learn the users eating habits and suggest a smaller portion size until the programmed weight goals are met. It will even interface with a computer for easily downloading and managing information.

It's so simple… slow down, eat less. But what makes using SlimSmart so powerful is that it's always there to help your patient be mindful of their habits and goals during the most critical times - during meals. The concept is simple, understandable, and is based on sound scientific principles we call "Adaptive Biofeedback".

Preferred Provider Program

We know that weight management is a multi-faceted problem best addressed by a program that includes food-choice instruction, exercise, and other important counseling aspects. That's why we designed our products and services to easily integrate with professional weight management programs like yours. Integrate SlimSmart into your program and become a Preferred Provider to receive:

  • Cash rebates or volume discount pricing on SlimSmart (Contact Us for more info!)
  • Priority ranking in our referral network
  • Priority customer service to work with you and your clients
  • SlimSmart brochures and materials for working with your patients
  • Opportunity to extend your weight management program to patients over the Internet

To become a Preferred Provider, simply join our Referral Network, and fill in the additional information requested for Preferred Provider status. That's it. We'll then confirm the information with you and assign a unique ID for accessing the special privileges of our Preferred Provider Program.

SlimSmart Professional Services

In addition to our referral network services, can help you extend your weight management program to patients over the Internet using our Virtual Visits technology. For information on our services, volume pricing, or marketing products under your own private label, please contact us.

Integrate SlimSmart into your Existing Weight Management Program

Please use the following examples to help you understand how easy it is to add SlimSmart to your existing program to improve your results and business bottomline. SlimSmart is especially good with long-term maintenance and weight fine-tuning.

SlimSmart Information for your new Patient

Do you have a laser printer? Here is a brochure you can print inexpensively in your clinic to give to your patient along with your other materials. We don't list the price on these materials, and 1/3 of the "back" is blank so you can add your own clinic name and address. Download B&W uncompressed PDF (2.5MB) suitable for a Black and White laser printer or Full Color Version (Print on color laser or ink jet printer.) (Use an Acrobat Reader -- Free from Adobe). Please let us know if you need other materials.


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