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Become Naturally Slender with SlimSmart!

We all know that to lose weight requires change. But making real life changes can be isn't always easy. We invented SlimSmart so you could naturally discover your natural slimness and avoid these difficulties!

Slimsmart is a small easy to use pager­like device that effectively and safely helps you make changes to your eating habits. With SlimSmart you can control your weight—change your life—for a lifetime.

SlimSmart was researched and developed by health and weight management professionals to specifically address the heart of the overweight problem for most people. Namely, overweight people eat too much too fast. Research shows that people who are naturally slender tend to eat slowly and gradually slow down during the course of the meal, while over­eaters eat more, faster, don't slow down, and may even speed up toward the end of the meal. SlimSmart is designed to help you learn the eating habits of a naturally slender person ... to become a naturally slender person.

SlimSmart Device SlimSmart helps you learn new eating habits by monitoring how you eat and recommending gradual changes. Just wear SlimSmart like a pager on your belt, in your pocket, or on your lap during meals. Press "Go", and SlimSmart vibrates to let you know when to take a bite and when to stop eating. Then it uses powerful "Adaptive Biofeedback" techniques to track your weight–loss over time and modify its recommendations according to your goals. It will even interface with a computer for easily downloading and managing your information.

In trial clinical studies, people who used SlimSmart as part of their weight­reduction plan lost up to 6 times more weight as a those on a placebo with advice about their diet and exercise habits. What makes using SlimSmart so powerful is that it's always there, helping you to be mindful of your habits and goals during the most critical times — when you're eating. And because it looks like a pager, no one even notices, no matter where you are.

SlimSmart is tested and approved by doctors and dietitians, and is safe to use in conjunction with other weight management programs, or on its own. Time and time again, customers have found SlimSmart to be effective in helping them manage their weight with:

  • No drugs
  • No special drinks or food additives
  • No giving up your favorite foods
  • No fad diets or tasteless food choices
  • No counting calories or fat grams
  • No weighing or measuring food
  • No extra-cost meal plans
  • No strenuous exercise programs

Simple. Safe. Smart.

The moment is now. Take control and empower yourself. If you want to lose weight and keep it off for life, SlimSmart can help you make real lasting changes to get what you want. We invite you to order SlimSmart now and begin discovering your natural slenderness.


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