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Clinical Study Results on SlimSmart

Why do we need studies?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that drugs and "medical devices" be thoroughly tested before they can be marketed. This is because all drugs have side effects which are sometimes severe. An appraisal must be made to determine if the drug's efficacy out-weighs its negative side effects.

Unfortunately there are many herbal supplements and other products on the market with no scientific evidence that they are effective or safe, and indeed, they may have significant side effects. Since 1984, these products have been classified as Food Additives and do not require substantiation in the form of scientific studies. Any of these products COULD BE dangerous, so beware of this situation.

Since SlimSmart is a behavior modification device and exhibits no medical side-effects, it is not controlled by the FDA. So, from this standpoint, studies are not required, and SlimSmart is in a category of extremely safe products.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been attempting to eliminate bogus weight-loss schemes that are rampant. You might see signs that read "Lose 30 pounds in 30 days for $30" on local telephone poles. Whenever possible, the FTC will nail these con-artists with fines or otherwise force them to discontinue their advertising — even if you eat nothing at all, that amount of weight loss would not be achieved. We support the FTC in these efforts by providing credible evidence that SlimSmart is safe and effective, and we make no unrealistic claims.

Adaptra Corporation has performed a very good blinded study to evaluate the efficacy of SlimSmart with regard to weight-loss.

Experimental Protocol

The document that explains how the experiment is to be performed is called the protocol, and determines the procedures and methods that will be used in the scientific experiment.

In this study, the protocol used three "blind" groups. The primary treatment group received the SlimSmart device, one control group received a placebo device, and one control group received nothing except advice. The groups were considered blind because they were not told which group they were in. However, since SlimSmart is a behavior modification device, it was probably obvious to the SlimSmart group that they were receiving a workable treatment. The Placebo group was told that the fake device they were using was real.

All participants received the same dietary and exercise advice. They were advised to eat healthy foods (such as from the standard "food pyramid" and to exercise, but were not required to adhere to any specific dietary regimen or exercise regimen in terms of food choices or specific exercises. Most participants did not change their food choices or exercise habits.

Participants were weighed and measured weekly at the clinic and maintained their own weight records at home. Waist, hips, body fat, and other measurements were also taken in the clinic.

Data Analysis and Results

The data were analyzed by an independent statistician who was unaware of the identities of the treatments. After 6 weeks in the trial, the subjects in the SlimSmart treatment group lost an average of 6.5 lb. The participants in the placebo control group lost an average of 1.5 lb. The participants in the advice-only control group lost 1.6 lb. These data were analyzed using ANOVA and Tukey W. There was no significant difference between the results of the placebo group and the control group. However, the results of the primary treatment group were statistically significant to a 95% confidence level, and were different from the control groups. This study is continuing so as to show that the changes are permanent. Many of these participants have continued to lose up to about 15% of their original weight.

Again, note that these results included NO REQUIRED EXERCISE. Your results may be much better if you include exercise in your program. We are not advocating that you avoid exercise, but this was the way the study was performed to isolate the effects of the SlimSmart device without exercise.


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