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Read what other users have to say about SlimSmart!

Barbara Grasse Grant, Registered Dietitian and Radio/TV Personality

As director of Research Nutrition at the University of San Diego Medical Center I have treated patients with afflictions ranging from heart disease to diabetes. In each case, my responsibility was to treat the aggravating affect obesity had on these maladies. Now there is a development to make losing weight easier and keeping weight off a reality. As a research dietitian I have found that SlimSmart is an innovative concept in weight control. This device provides self discipline to make dieting really work. I feel that SlimSmart will revolutionize the diet industry and will provide effective weight loss while developing healthy eating habits.

Margarita A., Financial Consultant

By chewing my food more, I've gotten rid of my constipation problem, the awful bloated feeling by retaining water, and swelling of my hands and feet... SlimSmart is easy to use and carry... This is the easiest and healthiest way to lose weight... I’ve lost over 20 pounds, and since I don't like to take medicine, this is perfect for me.

P.S. I bought a jaguar to show off my new me!

Frank Vincent, Loyal Customer

I am writing to thank you for the SlimSmart. I used it every day, and lost 12 pounds in five months. It was easy. I just put it on before each meal, and then ate regular food, like everyone else. The SlimSmart slowed my eating, and I felt fuller sooner. I hope that others will find how well this works.

Gerri M., School Visit Coordinator

I felt that my weight was at a point where it was never going to decrease. I had tried on my own through modified diet and more exercise to lose the last 10-15 pounds with no success. In the first few weeks of using SlimSmart, I noticed an immediate difference. My waist was getting smaller, my legs looked slimmer, and most importantly I was beginning to fit comfortably into clothes I hadn't been able to wear for several years. The SlimSmart device is really easy to use. It serves as a gentle reminder for me to know when to stop eating. I do not feel hungry. As the days go by I feel more positive that I can successfully control my eating habits — instead of my eating habits controlling me. ... It is certainly a lot better than any diet product or diet I've ever tried.

(Gerri successfully completed her goal of losing 15 pounds with SlimSmart).

Todd S., Courier/Musician

This is honestly the easiest and smartest way to lose weight that I've found yet. I've dropped 8 lb. in 4 weeks, visibly lost some size (fat) around the midsection, and most of all — I'm actually paying attention to what, when and how much food I put in my body. This really works!

Joan Goodman, RN, Clinic Coordinator, UCSD Clinical Research Center

SlimSmart has consolidated my eating habits into actual mealtimes and taught me the sensation of feeling full before I'm overstuffed. Even if I don't feel full when directed to stop eating, I have learned that I will soon feel full. Therefore, I have been able to keep my weight-loss resolution. My eating behavior has changed in a way that I will be able to successfully follow for long-term healthy eating and weight maintenance. I am encouraging family, friends and other health-care professionals to consider using SlimSmart for themselves or patients.

April B., Bookkeeper

SlimSmart has been very easy to work with for me. I have lost 6 lb. in 6 weeks, the first of any amount of weight I have been able to lose since having a child at 35 and now passing the 40 year mark this year... In comparison to other diets... I did try the Phentermine part of Phen/fen with zero results. Thank God I did not use the combination of Fen/Phen. I will have no problems continuing to use the Slim Smart until I reach my target weight.

Betty W., Artisan

I have lost 20 pounds so far and have been very happy with the results...

Mary L., Retiree, Crisis Worker

I've lost 18 pounds and gone from a size 14 to a size 10, and I know I'm doing it a healthy way this time!

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