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How Does SlimSmart Work?

SlimSmart Device

Technology Breakthrough

SlimSmart is the newest, safest approach for weight management that is sweeping the nation. The concepts behind SlimSmart are so unique and revolutionary, the U.S. Patent Office granted a Utility Patent (the highest level of patent protection) on the device and method!

Small, lightweight, pager-like device -- Private

As you can see in this picture, SlimSmart is a small device that is disguised as a pager. You use it only during meals, wearing it on your belt, dress waistline, pocket or lap like you would a pager. There is no need to choose special foods to lose weight -- eat healthy foods you enjoy -- lose weight privately, without embarrassing limitations!


SlimSmart is completely safe -- you don't ingest it, it doesn’t use any questionable drugs, and there are no “Side effects” that all drugs and many "herbal" supplements have. After you complete this overview, you should understand how SlimSmart works. Talk to your clinician about how this fits into your overall program. Of course, we suggest that you at least try SlimSmart to receive excellent benefits -- it can't hurt!

Easy and Effective

It isn't essential that you understand every concept behind SlimSmart for it to work for you. Simply put it on, start it at each meal, only eat as fast as it hums, and stop when it gives you the three-part hum. Do that, and you should get good results! (But please continue with this tutorial so you understand the sound basis for the magic of SlimSmart!)


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